A clear and efficient process to help you close on the right financing, quickly.

An easy and efficient deal setup with a dedicated human to help

"Within hours of getting in touch with Lev, they had prepared the most beautiful and clear offering memorandum I've seen on any deal."

Roger Hays

Redbrick Capital

Let's have the right conversations with the right financing sources.

"The team at Lev is incredibly precise in the deals they show us - they know exactly what we're looking for and send the information in such an organized way, we never end up wasting time reviewing deals that aren't a fit."

Jennifer Kent

Brookline Development

We'll negotiate the terms and provide you with real-time updates along the way.

"Within days of starting to work with Lev, I started seeing term sheets in my Borrow portal and was able to compare and provide feedback on options."

Jeff Weiss

JW Advance Development

Let's close the deal without five trillion emails.

"I started Lev because I helped a non-profit I love on a commercial financing transaction. Six months later, when I had a question about the loan terms, I had to wade through over 600 emails and STILL didn't find what I was looking for. I knew there had to be a better workflow."

Yaakov Zar

CEO at Lev

Experience real estate transactions the way they should be.

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Real advisors and brokers with real real estate finance experience.

Ofir has deep knowledge in financing transitional and value add projects for institutional clients.

Meet with Ofir

Gunnar brings with him years of experience as an Associate Director Marcus & Millichap and an early team member at StackSource.

Meet with Gunnar

Uri specializes in multifamily, single tenant NNN retail, owner occupied, and self storage assets.

Meet with Uri

Ethan specializes in industrial, multi family, and single tenant NNN assets across the country. His top priority is our clients, working around the clock to cultivate long term relationships rooted in trust and transparency.

Meet with Ethan

Akiva has a unique focus on special financing for industrial, retail and residential assets. From Condos to Cannabis, Akiva finds creative financing options for our clients.

Meet with Akiva

Shoy has a successful track record of developing and managing institutional investor relationships, as well as extensive expertise in investment sales, and a deep knowledge in debt and equity placement.

Meet with Shoy

Mathew graduated with a B.A. in finance and real estate from The Goizeuta school of business at Emory. He started his career at Cooper Horowitz, where he learned the industry and how to cater to his clients needs.

Meet with Matthew

It's a whole different world

The experience doesn't compare, but we'll try...

  • An experienced financial broker and advisor runs your deal (real humans!)

  • Instant analysis of millions of data points to identity the right the right lenders for a deal

  • Market-leading technology to make sure your loan closes more quickly

  • Real-time dashboard to view, track and compare lenders and term sheets

  • Secretly gets paid on your deal because you unwittingly agreed to a slightly higher rate

The best solution

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Our Commitment

We take your transaction seriously, and we are committed to delivering.

We'll do whatever it takes to get you the right financing and get the deal closed. We respect your relationships with other lenders, and we only get paid if we close the deal.

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