We get deals done

With extensive experience across financing structures and property types, we scour the market to design for you the absolute best solution.

Acquisition Loans

Acquisitions are complicated enough. We can ease the process for you, allowing you to focus on the acquisition process, leaving the financing to us. As a trusted partner, Lev brokers have closed many acquisition mortgages, as well as continued to help finance the properties throughout their life cycles. We support both single asset as well as portfolio acquisition financings across all asset classes.


Financing a hotel can be complicated - more complicated than a traditional real estate investment. Our team of Experts work with you to help underwrite the deal, identify the best opportunities with lenders and help secure the right financing for you for the long term.

Construction Loans

From general contractor, to engineers, to architects, development projects have many moving parts. Lev professionals are experienced with executing construction loans, achieving the highest LTV for you. We operate across all asset classes, and can help you obtain financing quickly so you can continue working on your project with the necessary capital.


Healthcare is the fastest growing sector in the U.S. economy, and the sector requires vast amounts of real estate to operate. From Hospitals, to Medical Office Buildings, to Healthcare Anchored Retail Centers, and even Life Science Buildings, we can match you with the right lender for your acquisition, refinancing and other strategies. Our brokers are experienced in providing financing for all of these sub-sectors, and help you receive financing for these crucial assets.


Lev's office financing experts will efficiently match your specific property financing requirements with the most suitable loan type, at the lowest cost possible. Our advisors understand the intricacies of office properties that can affect your financing. Our technology equipped brokers will save you money and time, by speedily securing you the best loan terms.

Equity Financing

Lev's vast network allows us to also help you find Equity LP's to fund your project. Many of our brokers are experienced lenders, who have worked extensively with equity investors. Let us connect you with the right source of equity to match your project's vision and objectives.


Our bread and butter is complicated deals. Our brokers are experienced in closing complex deals, and can provide clients with the optimal financing solution. Our proprietary data tool allows our brokers to find the best deals for you, no matter your asset's complexity of revenue stream.

Mezzanine Loans

Our brokers work with senior and mezzanine lenders to properly structure subordinate debt to support each project based on its individual merits. We can help secure mezzanine funding above levels senior lenders would provide.


Our market and operational knowledge of industrial properties allows us to properly negotiate all types of financings. Given the complexities of your property, we utilize our proprietary technology to strategically arrange and target lenders that will be the right match for your distinct property . We will take you from step 1 all the way through and including the "last mile".


Our retail experts will seamlessly manage the entire loan process, and secure you the right deal. Our brokers understand what lenders are looking for in relation to property location, size, and tenant makeup. We strategically target lenders that will be right for you, quickly meeting your financial needs.


Our tech-enabled multifamily advisors bring both experience and forward-thinking to the space. Our brokers know how to creatively and strategically target banks and other lenders, and allow you to worry about what you do best: running your business.


Refinancing is a great way to both improve your interest rate, and take cash out of your property. By using our proprietary data along with aggressively sourcing funds through our vast network of lending sources, we obtain the best capital fit to achieve your objectives.

Bridge Loans

Time is of the essence in real estate. Move even more quickly on your projects with Lev. We help to provide bridge financing to fund your exit strategy, refinancing, renovation, and more. Lev brokers can help you take advantage of short-term market fluctuations by securing bridge financing.

Senior Housing

With an age 65+ population expected to double over the next 30 years, we know the value of your senior housing asset. We will ensure that lenders will understand that value as well, delivering the best financing options to you with speed. Our experts understand the administrative complexities of these assets, and will connect you with effective specialized lenders that will help you focus on your meaningful and complex operation.