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We work hard...

Our clients come first.

This is easy to say, harder to deliver on. It means that when a client needs a deal done quickly, we stay up. When the rent-roll is messy, we will clean it up. We don't hide term sheets or get lender kick-backs. Treat the client's deal like it's yours.

It's a team sport.

None of us can execute without the others here. The deal doesn't belong to one person. The code isn't "theirs", it's "ours". We are in this game together, and we're going to help each other win, whatever it takes.

Always exceed expectations.

Whether with a client, a lender, a partner, colleagues or even your spouse. We are all focused on getting better and being better, and we will put in the extra effort to be excellent and always do better than expected.

...and we play hard.

Full, top-of-the-line healthcare coverage.

We work to live, not the other way around. We know that everyone performs best when they are feeling great. It's not just about our team, but about all of our families and the ones we care for. Don't worry - we gotchu. All of our team, from junior financing experts to backend engineers, you're covered.

Mental health & unlimited vacation days.

There's so much you can be doing in your day, but you choose to spend it with us at Lev. We appreciate that. We think you deserve to be in control of your time and your lifestyle, and we prioritize mental health beyond all. What's best for you is best for Lev, so let's do that.

Extremely competitive compensation.

When the work you do creates value, you should benefit. We are passionate about fair compensation. Our Financing Experts are paid a generous base salary and split of fees, and the whole team gets a bonus when we hit our revenue goals along with equity grants, in appreciation for your hard work.

How and who we hire

Most of us end up spending more time with our colleagues than our spouses and families, so we try hard to hire people we'd want to get a drink with after work.

We invest a lot of time in finding the best talent to bring on and understanding our future coworkers. We are hardworking people, but we're people, and that's important.

Our rigorous hiring process pays off, and we've built a team that we are truly proud of, through and through.

If that's exciting to you, we're excited by the opportunity to get to know you further.

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Find your fit at Lev

There are a ton of roles that are currently available at Lev. If you think you should be part of our team but don't see quite the right job, shoot us an email, and let's chat.